How to make smooth & good-looking roads | Part 1

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How to make smooth & good-looking roads | Part 1

Hi there! You want to learn how to make smooth & good-looking roads in ROBLOX Studio? Then continue reading.

1. Install the plugin

First of all, you need to install a plugin called Archimedes Two. After that open a new place and open the plugin (click on it).

A configuration window will pop-up.

You can close this windows now. If you can’t see this window, you probably didn’t install this plugin correctly or didn’t activate it.

2. Make the road

Now you should make a road part or insert it from a road pack (And if you want signs, click here).

Your road should look like this one here: 

Now open your plugin again and select your road part.

As you can see a new road was created, but it doesn’t seem to be right?

This is happening because you selected the X-Axis.

Try to select . This should work for you (If it doesn’t, select or ).

Now your road looks like this:

Like the result? Click Render Once to create the actual road.

3. Curvy roads

But straight roads are kinda boring. Let’s a look at the configuration windows. You should see the Angel-field.

Try to enter a number like 8 and spawn the road a few times (click Render Once) and see what’s happening.

Good job! Now try to enter a negative Number and see what it does.

However, the roads aren’t smooth! Why? Find the reason in the next chapter.

4. Smoother roads

Your roads probably don’t look nice at the moment. That’s because your main road part is too long.

Try to make it smaller. Use BuildV4 or BuildingTools by F3X to resize your part.

I’ll use BuildV4 in this tutorial.

After opening BuildV4 set the size to 10 (or less). Secondly, select one part of your road (don’t ungroup your road!) and make it smaller (but don’t  too small!)(see picture below).

You can see in BuildV4 how many studs the part was resized. Resize all parts to the same length.

Do this for every part of your road and the final road should look like this:

Once you spawn the road, you’ll see a huge difference.

Congrats! You made a fantastic road. If you want to learn how to make roundabouts and intersections then stay tuned for more tutorials.

Please leave a reply if you have questions or other suggestions.

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    Making both slopped roads and turning roads and more are so easy with this and thx!

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