How to make smooth & good-looking roads | Part 2

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How to make smooth & good-looking roads | Part 2

5. Roundabouts

Roundabouts are quite easy to make. If you’re new to this tutorial, read the first part before continue reading the second part.

First of all, change some colors on your main road so that it looks like the following picture:

Open Archimedes Two and select an angle that is greater than 0.

Now click Render Circle to see the magic.

That’s it! Customize your roundabout by either changing the size of the main road or changing the angle.

Add roundabout-exits by selecting a road inside the circle and using the plugin:

This method works for roundabout-entrances too:

Sometimes you need to click Invert Axis if the axis is on the wrong side.

The next thing you should do is removing some lane markings. Open BuildV4 and select all parts that should be removed (hold LShift). Now hit Del on your keyboard.

Want to learn how to make intersection? Continue to Part 3.

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